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Some rescued animals have a permanent home at the sanctuary. We try to place most of our animals, but some are not adoptable. These animals are available, for you to sponsor. Here are some of their stories.
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peter the white pig
spirit the dog
Spirit (Deceased)
maddie the pretty dog
Sam the hound dog
Opie the blind dog
bobo the black dog
Bobo (Deceased)
lilly the pig eating

Rainy mini appy
ruby red mini mule
Ruby Red
gypsy the horse

molly grazing
sherlock mini horse

We spayed, neuter, rehab, and then try to place the dogs and cats in safe loving homes. Most of the horses cannot leave, as they are crippled or too old, so they need sponsors to support their stay at the sanctuary.

dog shelter in the dessertI also go out each day and feed stray dogs. There are currently 6
and we try to make a shelter for them in the brush during the winter.

I place the animals when I can, which are most of them I rescue, but some like Peter, Maggie, Opie, and Bobo need sponsors. Please help these beautiful creatures of God. He did not intend for them to suffer. 

balck mini poniesAdoption
Some times we have animals that just need homes. Many times we are able to place the animal right away. If not we keep them until a good home is available. If you are interested in any animal feel free to contact us about adoption.  Wes is available for adoption.

007_1024x768_1.JPG (52973 bytes)Sugar Foot

This donkey's owner could no longer take care of her so she was brought to the sanctuary and has her own living quarters. She spends her day's in the irrigated pasture with some of the other horses she has made friends with. She was limping when she arrived and we found she had had a nail in her hoof for a very long time. She is fine now and losing the lumps on her back.
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