Peter (Girlfriend Lily on right)

peter the pig walkingpeter eating

A large potbelly pig abused by his owners. He ran away and lived in the brush for 2 ½ months during the rains and fought off coyotes, as he is a white pig and easy to spot. I looked for him when I heard he ran away, and had friends helping search all the brush in the hills in our area, to no avail. Then he was spotted, and I set a trap but couldn’t catch him. Then I cried and said, “God help me.” The next call I made was the answer to my prayer. Peter was so tired, he had wandered into someone’s yard, who called the Humane Society. I went to the Humane Society and brought him home. He was full of deep cuts, deaf from beatings by his owners, and he had pneumonia. At first, he was mean, but with TLC, he is a sweet pig who loves being brushed and rolls over to get his belly rubbed. Finally, he is trusting again.