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Board of directors meeting outcome:
Sharon Caughron
Director, interim president, formerly co-director of LivingFree sanctuary
Jennifer McKinney director, equine specialist
Alvin Kranz director, engineer
Robert Leach - director, book keeper, treasurer
Linda Levanthol - director


Board of directors - We will be having a board of directors meeting on July 15 in Temecula ca. Our present president will be retiring and board will be meeting a potential  replacement. Also our secretary is resigning from the board although she will still help us with puppies taken from the brush. will give an update after all is finalized.


Rex is our newest addition. looking for a forever home. He was at our gate all day, could not walk, taken to vet ,is fine now.


Opie was running with a pack of dogs that I used to feed. he would ask me to take him home but I told him I cannot find the others without him as he would always come. then I heard that another pack and his had a terrible fight and he was injured but alive I found him with one eye gone and a broken leg.took him immediately to a vet and has been with us ever since. he was our foxy guy but old age caught up with him. Opie passed the  first week in June 2017 our foxy one eyed  boy, we will miss him terribly.


On May 2, 2017 our  friend Sugar donkey being ill especially the last month, told us it was time. she will really be missed. she greeted everyone that came.


Also the same day, Frankie our akita mix who was born here in the brush before the sanctuary was built his heart could not go on. Frankies gals all miss him so much. most of our animals are old, sick or crippled so we expect this but it is still painful to see them go.



On the bright side, we took Shawnee from a shelter as she came in at approx. 25 lbs and brought her back to health at 63 lbs. she has her vaccinations even rattlesnake, spayed and looking now for a forever home. she is young and full of life and loves attention so easy to train.


We have picked up 2 litters in the last 3 weeks from the brush. two of them from Rashee are at a foster and these five from a mom we call Red was just sent to the same foster. they will be up for adoption soon.


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