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Current Events:

Tinker on the move. Tinker 19 years young when she comes back from doing her business she does this happy dance everyday. 


Lily passed  feb 27, 2017 it was her time to join her mate who passed oct. 2014. we will miss her and her grumblings






It has been a while since our last update. Here are some of things that have occurred;

We still feed our feral dogs every day at happy valley we purchased the property from the man who used to feed them and at his request we continue to do so. He died last year. We cannot catch them as they were born in the brush and terrain is so rough but we try to pick up their litters, raise them, vaccinate, spay or neuter and place them in loving homes so no more dogs will be out there to breed and suffer. here is a picture of sheba and Rashee and some of their puppies we placed.


There is also red dog and gooney. Some pups did not survive and we would hike for weeks looking for them. There are all kinds of danger in the brush, mountain lions, coyotes, rattlesnakes. The original dog their mom, Brandy who was dumped 9 years ago was poisoned so we were able to bring her to the sanctuary, she survived and lives here. She was someones dog at one time so although scared of everything, she was in a home before so she adjusted. Here is a pic:


We have been stabilizing and seeing that the quality of life of each animal is good and that we can afford to take care of them.

In loving memory here is an update of some of the animals we loved and cared for who made the sanctuary their home until passing.

Wes a thoroughbred gelding who was going to be euthanized we gave him 6 more years of a happy life, 2014




Sam our hound dog passed in our living room sept 2014

Peter our pig also oct 2014

Peni our beautiful pom, she loved life 2015

Tina our chihuahua in 2016, veterinarians error

Tuxedo our old cat also. He waited until i got home one day to say goodbye and he slipped away and angel his girlfriend has been so lonely without him.

Scrappy daughter of our beloved blondie passed in feb 2016 from a throat tumor.

Pugsley our little man jan 2016

Kirby feral dog and her pack  2016


Almost all our animals are old. Tinker at 19 is still going strong


Maddie girl, our poster gal, had large stones in her bladder which had to be removed, like marbles and small golf balls. We are very blessed she is still with us.

Frankie our akita mix is crippled but surgery at this age is too risky

Our big boy Rainy who is now our greeter since Bobo passed, meets everyone at the gate and ask for treats although he is now totally blind

Sugar our donkey will also come up to you as she wanders around and ask for treats

Joining our sanctuary :

Chia pet (cheenah) she lived most of her life in a rv. She used to run away every day as she was finally free but then realized her food and shelter was in her fenced yard with a porch with dog houses and converted garage with dog beds so now she goes for her runs 2x's a day on 10 fenced acres and chills out usually on the porch




Ava and mate and 2 puppies were dropped in a parking lot. Someone took the puppies left the parents, then this nice lady picked them up and they were brought here. One of our prior workers took the male and Ava is still here





We have 2 more alpacas beside Shala and Windsock. We have Divini and Magenta

We still have the doves


The main news we have is that our new president Rita Shakin purchased the property next door, 20 acres for our use. So we now have 30 acres and a trailer for employees use. we have piped water from the sanctuary to the trailer and repaired it. As the sanctuary continues the lower 10 acres would be ideal for horses





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