Daily "Spirit to be Free" gets many phone calls from people telling us of animals that either need a home or help finding a place for their animals. Some have found a lost animal. Others have had a life style change and are looking for someone to care for their animals. Anne knows many animal lovers and contacts them to see if anyone can assist her with the placement. If not she keeps them for a short time trying to find a good home to place them in.

Here are just a few animals that she is looking for a life long home. If you would like to know more about any of them... just call 951 763 5663 or email us at

black mini horsesWes 
A 22 yr old thoroughbred gelding named Wes is here because he was going to be euthanized. 

He is good with children. 

New Homes

, a female dog, had paralysis in her
hind area and was not up for adoption, but a wonderful family heard of her and asked to adopt her, they wanted to help and she is now basically in the house with hospital pads getting home cooked meals.

kelloggKellogg has also found a new home. The yellow lab mix just loves having someone to pay attention, take walks, and play with. The new owner took him to caesar milan the dog whisperer for training.

We just rescued a female cat who we call angel who had major injuries to her left front leg and had the leg amputated. She is doing well and at the sanctuary. 
angle kitty

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